Turkish Medical Students Jorunal

The Turkish Medical Students Journal (TSMJ) is the only indexed medical student journal in Turkey. It is also an international, open-access journal; which aims to publish original research, case reports and reviews with the corresponding author as a medical student. TMSJ is published three times a year since 2014. The journal is indexed in Türk Medline, Science World Index, ScienceLibrary Index and Academic Keys.

TMSJ enlightens the paths of medical students who are willing to learn medical publication. The editorial board is composed of only medical students and we invite medical students all around the world to be an editor for our journal. In order to be an editor, applicants must send an e-mail to tmsj@trakya.edu.tr.

For manuscript submission, authors should send their papers in full text format via e-mail to tmsj@trakya.edu.tr.
To reach the previous issues and for further information visit TMSJ’s website at http://tmsj-en.trakya.edu.tr.

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